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Hi, I’m Dezi.

A wife, a mum (of 2 girls) and a home cook with an extreme love of tasty, simple food. I’m a Greek girl who is not a fan of eggplant, but a lover of souvlaki and any food that can be shared and enjoyed with family & friends. Although my kids prefer plain pasta, I certainly do not. So here are my delicious seasonings & recipes that you can use to whip up some amazing meals in the kitchen.

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A taste of the Greek islands. Sprinkle this mix onto your diced chicken, lamb, beef or pork, and instantly be transported to a souvlaki bar on the Greek islands.

Just like us, lamb always needs a little love and care, and it has found its perfect match with this seasoning.

This seasoning is the Boss of all chicken seasonings.

Transform your fresh fish into a complete seaside experience.


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