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Mediterranean Fig Candle


Enjoy the aroma of fresh figs.  Filled with a subtle touch of gardenia, coconut, and cucumber.

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Hand-poured Soy candle made in Melbourne.

Add a touch of the Mediterranean into your home with this beautiful candle.

Presented in a matt navy vessel. enjoy the aroma of fresh figs.  Filled with a subtle touch of gardenia, coconut, and cucumber.

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Candle Care & Warnings

Recommended is the following care to ensure the longevity of your candle;
With your first burn, trim the wick to an approximate length of 5 – 10mm, light the candle and allow the wax to melt its way to the edge of the vessel, which should take 3 to 4 hours.
This will prevent the candle from tunneling and creating a memory well ensuring a clean burn. Wax has a memory and will always follow the first burn so make sure you allow enough time to do this and make sure you don’t extinguish the candle before the whole surface area has melted.
Each time you relight your candle, trim the wick so it’s approximately 5 -10mm long. This will ensure an even burn, which in turn, will give your candle longevity.
NEVER leave your candle burning longer than 4 hours.
NEVER leave your burning candle unattended.
NEVER burn the candle all the way to the bottom. You must leave 10mm of wax in the base of the vessel to minimize overheating and cause damage to the vessel.
ALWAYS place the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from draught and curtains.
NEVER move your candle once it’s lit.
ALWAYS HANDLE WITH CARE as the vessel may become very hot.
FAILURE to follow these instructions may result in injuries to yourself and or your property.
MSOI Candles made for Dezi cooks are poured using soy blend wax. Due to the nature of this wax, candles left in extreme heat may frost and/or sweat.This is not a fault, this is the characteristic of the soy wax.
It does not in any way mean that the candle is faulty and does not in any way affect the burn time or scent of the candles.
To prevent this from happening; if you are not using your beautiful MSOI  candles made for Dezi cooks straight away, we suggest storing them in a cool dry place until you are ready to use them.
Weight .35 kg
Vessel Colour

Navy, White