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My name is Dezi, I am a wife, mum of two girls, small business owner, fishmongers daughter and a huge fan of home cooking and entertaining. You might have also seen me on a cooking show, Plate of Origin.

My food philosophy is to use fresh and simple ingredients to make a delicious meal for all the family to enjoy. After all, food brings family and friends together like nothing else. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for overcomplicated recipes and save more time-consuming meals for the weekend. Midweek, I like to keep meals quick, easy, tasty and child friendly.
My Greek background ensures there is enough homemade food to share. So when Prahran market approached me to be part of the ‘Sourced to Seasoned’ Spring feature I jumped at the chance.

Funnily enough, I worked at Prahran market many moons ago at my father’s fresh fish shop, Prahran Seafoods. I spent many Saturday’s and school/university holidays working in the Bracher Arcade. I grew to know many of the hard-working market traders, regular customers and was spoiled by the amazing produce at my fingertips.
I still remember the little carousel in the market square, the hectic Christmas trade, and that special buzz you get from being part of the marketplace community. The hustle and bustle of people with baskets and boxes filled to the brim with mouth-watering goodies is a vivid memory. Watching and supporting my immigrant parents part ownership in the business, instilled a strong work ethic in me.
Therefore you can understand that the Prahran market will always have a special place in my heart.

Over the coming months, I will share with you fresh and seasonal produce that is inspiring me in the kitchen. As the weather warms up, it’s time to move away from slow-cooked meals and roasts to dishes such as pasta, pestos and fresh salads. I look forward to using fresh and fragrant herbs like basil and refreshing mint to take your meals to the next level.
Spring is a great opportunity to add some zesty citrus flavours of lemons, limes and tangy grapefruit, oh don’t forget blood oranges – yum!
It’s also the perfect time to use crispy vegetables like cucumbers, bright green bean varieties and peas. Think of those savoury cheese platters and tapas to share at the park. In late November I will be keeping my eye out for zucchini flowers, these would be so delicious stuffed with feta and ricotta cheese and fried.
During Spring I find I am more inclined to use seafood and chicken on the grill as it pairs back so nicely with so many side dishes like pasta and salads.

Dust off the BBQ and let’s get cooking, get outside and enjoy some sunshine.
I’ll be heading down to the Prahran market, supporting the local traders, grabbing fresh ingredients to add into my basket and putting together some delicious and simple recipes. I hope that it will inspire you to get cooking. Spring is in the air!

Pay the Prahran market a visit HERE

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